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Address: 1507 S Hiawassee Rd Suite 209 Orlando Fl 32835 Office Open: 8.00 am - 5.00 pm Email:

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ORTHOIMPLANT DENTAL CLINIC is a comprehensive Dental Office located in Hiawassee FL. Born from the desire to bring together conventional Oral Health with developments in the most advanced techniques of specialized treatments in dental implants and oral surgery on tissues of Bucco – dental components and other specialties in order to resolve functional and esthetic dental conditions. We propose successful solutions in each of our dental treatments, sharing our expertise to improve patient´s quality of life.

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Amazing staff! Took their time to explain everything. Magda was phenomenal!!!

Anna Aleman

  • Execllent!!

No vas a encontrar ningún consultorio dental mejor que este!!!

Daniela Cifelli Blanco Emergency Services

  • Execllent!!

Execllent!! Great Job!

Elizabeth Oviedo R. Brain Disability

  • Phone Numbar: +089 5699 694 58
  • Address: 66 Broklyn Street, New York
  • Phone Numbar: +089 5699 694 58